Our culture

Our motto is “Make the difference”.

Make the difference by taking care everyday in each one of our projects and offering services for 24 countries around the world. Trying to meet everyone’s needs, we are here to listen what you need.

Never settle down always strive for a better web future.

Our job

Based on the Agile Method,

our business is currently focused on the Classified Ads World.

We are spending all our resources in programming, promos, commercials and branded entertainment.
We believe that a great creative effort is able to expand throughout all kinds of disciplines and platforms.

Our teams

Guppy LTD is a worldwide design and technology company

that produces and offers creative services for some of the world’s most innovative organizations.

Born in 2010, now Guppy LTD has headquarters in London, Chiasso, Valencia and Tirana and has more than 100 professionals working in dynamic and growing teams.


Our team works hard finding the best online and offline resources to promote each and every one of your projects.

UX & UI design, Development & Systems

This three teams work together to improve your web pages’ usability and to offer you innovative solutions.


Every company needs visibility. In this department we work for you to be at the top positions of any search queries related to your activities. We want you to always become the first option.


They will help you solve the problems that may be found during the usage of your website.

Traffic buying

The team that takes care of Guppy's LTD visibility and brand loyalty.

Social Media Marketing

Those who are going to make your brand known all over the Internet. They focus on building a name for your company on social networks.








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